Room Dividers Do Not Conquer, They Unite

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You have heard of an ancient saying. It says that to divide is to conquer. That much is true when you look around you and you see how life goes, both in the personal and in business. but in the business space, the setting up of dividers is not intended to conquer or intimidate. Whether it is prefabricated room dividers or a glass room dividers toronto business process that is being utilized, positive and productive outcomes are envisaged.

Look at your traditional office environments, particularly the larger, multi-national offices. These floors carry a lot of staff. In most cases, staff are compartmentalized into teams, each in accordance with the set tasks they are required to carry out. The setting up of prefab dividers was intended to create a sense of privacy and discretion, particularly where sensitive, confidential materials or documents were being handled.

But you will have noticed this. Over the years, there has been a concerted move away from these dividers, in most cases for all the right reasons. The feeling was, team or no team, a sense of greater openness could be created. In this sense, the cynic among readers here are well within their rights to nod their heads in disagreement, because admittedly, this openness has been, let’s just say, open to abuse.

Instead of clarity and co-operation, staff have this sense that they are always being watched. Nevertheless, do look at today’s modern managerial offices. Given their seniority and levels of responsibility, they still need their personal space. But their offices are open to full view by all and sundry. Instead of a shut door policy, glass room dividers, for instance, are paving the way for more, let’s just say, transparency and openness.

It is a reassuring scenario.